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Milani Jewel Nail Laquer

Milani Jewel Nail Laquer

I totally stink at taking pictures of glitter polish, but these were the best two I could produce (out of like 100 shots). I’m totally obsessed with glitter polishes right now. I just bought several new bottles, so this is your warning that there are likely more glitter pics... Gelish Caution & Izzy Wizzy for some added sparkle

Gelish Caution & Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy

This manicure is two coats of Gelish Caution with one coat of Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy on top.  Izzy Wizzy adds a great iridescent purple shimmer and it looks different depending on the angle and lighting as you can see below.  Caution was one of my favorite colors... Gelish Ali Baba Sim Sala Bam & Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy

Ali Baba Sim Sala Bam & Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy

These are two new colors that I just purchased from the Gelish Aurora FX collection, Ali Baba Sim Sala Bam and Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy.  I’m not as impressed with these colors in stand-alone form as I am with the Oocha Coocha color from this collection.  They are...

Gelish Tiger Blossum Swatch

Harmony Gelish Tiger Blossum

This is one of my favorite summer colors – Tiger Blossum by Harmony Gelish.  I receive compliments on the color everywhere I go – even today at the Lube Stop of all places, the guy servicing my car said he loved the color.  LOL  I just purchased a couple...

Bikini Swatch

Sunset Beach Nails

In two days I will be soaking up the sun in Siesta Key, Florida! Ahhhhh…. I decided to do my nails in a beach-y theme for my trip. The color inspiration is from my new bikini – a swatch of the design is pictured to the right. It has...

Gelish Oocha Coocha Gradient w/Stamp

My first gradient! I tried gradients a few times unsuccessfully because I was using a sponge that was too dense. I saw some baby bath sponges at the dollar store yesterday and decided to give them a shot and they worked well. I felt bad for ripping the little...

Gelish Collections

These are all of the Gelish collections that I’m aware of.  If you know of any others, please let me know!  I update this post on an ongoing basis as new collections are released. Gelish Street Beat Collection – Released Summer 2016 Colors Include: Street Cred-ible B-Girl Style Hip...