Summer 2014 Gelish Trends

Summer 2014 Gelish Trends 8

You are going to LOVE the three new Gelish Trends polishes that were released for the Summer!  These toppers are packed with colorful glitter, and they’re super sparkly and fun.  I even put together a short video to show you how sparkly they are. I posted the four new Spring Trends a few days ago(…)

Spring 2014 Gelish Trends

Spring 2014 Gelish Trends 8

Did you know that Gelish just released 7 new Trends glitter toppers?  There are four Spring colors, and three Summer colors.  I have all of them, and today I have swatches of the four Spring Trends.  These polishes are all loaded with glitter of different shapes and sizes, in fun pastel colors.  They can be(…)

Nails & Cocktails!

Nails & Cocktails! 14

I had a little Nails & Cocktails gathering at my house on Saturday evening with a few girlfriends. It was a lot of fun, and I hope it becomes a regular thing. Everyone came over around 7pm and we sat around my dining room table eating, drinking, talking and listening to music for about 2(…)

Rainbow Gradient Mermaid Nails

Rainbow Gradient Mermaid Nails 9

I’ve been wanting to attempt a rainbow gradient look for a while and have tried doing it with pure gel polish a few times, but that didn’t work out too well.  I know how to do gradients with pigment powders, so I decided to try that route instead and ended up creating a really cool(…)

ibd Just Gel Polish Swatch Gallery

ibd Just Gel Polish Swatch Gallery 10

This is a summary of all of the ibd Just Gel Polishes that I have swatched to-date.  I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. Click on the images to see larger photos, and click on the links to view or purchase the items on The Amazon links(…)

EzFlow TruGel Ringleader Collection Swatches (Spring/Summer 2014)

EzFlow TruGel Ringleader Collection Swatches (Spring/Summer 2014) 12

Happy Friday everyone!  I asked on my Facebook page which collections you wanted to see swatched, and the EzFlow TruGel Ringleader collection was suggested so I added it to my to-do list.  I’m always open to suggestions so if you know of other interesting looking collections that are coming out, please let me know.  In(…)

Plaid Nails Using the Gelish Colors of Paradise

Plaid Nails Using the Gelish Colors of Paradise 11

I attempted a plaid design for the first time ever.  I used all of the colors from the Gelish Colors of Paradise collection for this nail art, except for the orange.  I figured these colors might work well with a plaid design since they are a little sheer with just one coat.  The index finger(…)

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