Gelish Under Her Spell Collection Swatches & Review – Fall 2013

Gelish Under Her Spell Collection Swatches & Review – Fall 2013 12

Can you believe that fall is just around the corner? I’ve had a lot of fun playing with bright, bold colors this summer, but I’m ready to start the transition to darker fall colors. Gelish just released their new fall collection called Under Her Spell. It hit the Sally Beauty Supply stores at the beginning of August. The collection includes six new custom-blended colors.

Shellac Purple Purple

Shellac Purple Purple 2

I’m wearing Shellac Purple Purple today. I think it should be called Blurple Blurple because it’s one of those purples that sometimes looks blue. It has a really gorgeous shimmer and is probably one of my favorite purples to-date. The color was really hard to capture on camera because it looks so different depending on(…)

Gelish Reds

Gelish Reds 3

I dropped my daughter off at Ohio State on Saturday… it’s very bitter sweet.  I’ve gone through a range of emotions the last couple of days.  It’s strange to know that she’s not coming home for a while which makes me sad, but I’m excited for her and so proud.  It sounds like she’s doing(…)

Blue-Green Gradient with Color Blocking

Blue-Green Gradient with Color Blocking 18

It’s been a busy week!  My daughter leaves for college on Saturday, so we’ve been trying to get her all packed and prepped for her new adventure.  It’s an exciting time and we’re both experiencing a range of emotions.  She’s my only child, so I’ll be living alone for the first time in my life(…)

Stamping Dark Roses

Stamping Dark Roses 14

I bought the DRK-A stamping plate and a new XL squishy stamper and decided to play with them a bit. The concept of the squishy stamper is great… it’s supposed to be awesome for curvy nails like mine because you can just press it onto your nail and it will wrap around it.  Unfortunately I(…)

Ink Secret Desire w/ Owl & Polka Dots

Ink Secret Desire w/ Owl & Polka Dots 6

Who doesn’t love owls?!  I received several nail decal designs from Lucky Star Style, and instantly fell in love with these cute little purple owls.  The purple color on the two outside fingers is Ink Secret Desire, topped with one coat of Gelish Izzy Wizzy.  The white is Ink Glacier, and the pink dots were(…)

Glam and Glits Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish Swatches

Glam and Glits Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish Swatches 1

Similar to my Gelish swatch gallery, I thought I would also start a gallery of all of the Ink swatches that I’ve done. I know it’s helpful to see them all in one place, so I’ll update this post on an ongoing basis as I swatch more colors by this brand. Enjoy! Chickettes photos may(…)

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