Nail Station Organization & Setup

Andrea at Chickettes Nail StationI’ve been working at Polizhed Natural Nail Studio for five months now and thought I’d share some updated pictures of my little corner of the nail world now that I’m more settled in.  You can see pictures of the original setup from the early days here.  The furniture is still in the original position, but I’ve worked a lot on organization and making all of the essentials accessible when I sit at my table.

I added a third wall rack to house more polish, and added some Gelish & Morgan Taylor colors to the mix.  The acrylic wall rack is from a local nail store called Luxury, and I bought it to match the existing rack that it’s next to.  I searched online for this rack, but only found ones with six shelves instead of seven.

My licenses and price list are now hung on the wall behind my station, along with all of my swatch sticks.  The sticks are organized on rings by color so that my clients can easily pick out their desired color(s).  Read this post to learn more about how I create and organize the swatches.  The last item that I’ll be hanging up soon is a paper towel holder.  Currently my towels are just sitting on the cabinet behind me, but they’ll be mounted on the wall to my right for easy access.

Nail Station Tabletop SetupThis is a view of the work station from my vantage point.  I keep all of the liquids to my left, and tools and other supplies to my right.  It’s a small table so I wanted to try to maximize the space while making sure that all of my essentials are within reach.

On the left:  Business card holder, barbicide jar, pump bottle with acetone, nail cleanser, Polizhed cuticle oil & hand cream.

On the right:  MelodySusie 60w LED lamp (review coming soon!), table lamp, cotton ball holder, cup with nail art brushes, and a storage unit with drawers.  The drawers hold foil strips, files, applicators, lint-free wipes, implements, alcohol wipes, and buffers.

Nail Station OrganizationI love this little storage unit with drawers that I found on Amazon.  I wanted a way to store all of the little one-use items that need to stay covered, and this works out perfectly.  It’s actually two four-drawer tower units stacked together.  To prevent the top unit from sliding around, I secured it with a piece of velcro in each corner… viola!

The cotton ball holder and drawer units are both made of clear acrylic and it’s important to note that they’re NOT acetone resistant.  I tested this on the underside and acetone did leave a white mark on the surface.  I’m very careful with acetone and keep the pump on the opposite side of the table to prevent any accidental splashes.

Nail Station OrganizationHere’s a little closer look at the drawer unit.  The drawers are small, but they hold more than enough supplies to get me through days or weeks depending on the item.  Now I just need to get my books filled and I’ll be a happy camper!  :)  Starting off as a booth renter and having to build a clientelle is challenging, but it’s the best option for me in the long run.

If you’re in the Cleveland area, come in and see me!!  Book online here.

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14 Responses

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m surprised at that lamp. I bought an ‘ott” like yours ‘at home’. your info is so helpful. also got the printer , etc. I have melody Susie the triangle one. I have mixed feelings about it. Still feels small. I put a mirror in bottom. Seems to help. Felt it did not cure my thumbs because of ‘c’ curve well. Hope your clientele grows quickly.

  2. Arie says:

    Looks Perfect. I love all your reviews, Thank you!. I can’t wait on your New Melody 60 watt led lamp review, is it better than opi studio led lamp?. I noticed you have a small light as a working light is that a ott light?. I found it need a strong and day light to work with but it takes too much space on my table. All the best in and lots of success in your bussines ❤.

    • Andrea says:

      The MS 60w lamp is better than the OPI Studio lamp… the OPI lamp gets really hot when you use it for a while, which I hadn’t yet experienced at the time of my review. The lamp is just a plain old desk lamp that was supplied with my station. I haven’t found an ott lite that will fit the space well so I’m sticking with what’s there for now.

  3. Hayley says:

    I know you’re probably really busy but will you be doing swatches for the new CND collection that came out?

  4. Leslie Ann says:

    I wish you were closer :) And I know your customer base will pick up, you’re too good for it not to. I can post links or whatever on FB, if you’d like. But not too busy, I love your blog, I actually depend on it. Don’t think I can afford the MS lamp for now, I have the OPI and yes it does get hot, but it’s okay for home use.

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you, Leslie! I just had my busiest week to date in the salon… things are starting to pick up. Word of mouth seems to be the best marketing tool and my clients are spreading the word. :)

  5. Brittany says:

    Where did you get your table? What are the dimensions of it? I’m just getting started and I love your set up!

  6. Amber says:

    I’m trying to decide on a dryer. I had been researching the Gelish 18G and read your review of it and thought that’s what I’d be going with until I read this post. I don’t think you’ve done a review of the MelodySusie Pro 60W yet. If you had to pick between the two which would you go for? Was hoping to purchase this week.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Hello I’ve been looking for your spreadsheet that shows all the different brands with the cost of the polish and where to buy. Do you still have the list posted somewhere I see the one with what swatches you have I didn’t know if you updated it or if I’m just not able to find the one with the cost on it.